My Seven

Looking at what I have to choose from, I think that - if a tournament ever materializes locally - the seven Masetai I will be using are:

Gilgame II

It's a force which stresses mobility (with the exception of the Chugyullas).  All of them have jump-based movement either before or after they dratp, and only Gilgame II is really hurt by Nemchant's undrapt ability.  Olip is the Navia Guard of choice when my goal is mobility, because of his flip ability.

Chugyullas may be switched out with something else at some point in the future, but his Gyullas-crystal accruing power is just ... so useful.

I used these seven in a game against the Billpentod/double Koma/Gyullas Turtle/Odd/Nemchant/Agulinilios Eternal Wall Of Black Gulled - after I lost the first game, I won the next two pretty handily.

Of course, the Eternal Wall is a one-trick pony - but it does that one trick so very well ...

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Hello and welcome to naviadratp!  I'd like to use this space to discuss strategy and arrange for trades and discuss the storyline and talk about what we'd like to see in future expansions, and ... and ...

Basically, just throw the door wide up for any sort of Navia Dratp-related discussion.